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Aerobic Exercise May Be The Answer For Obesity In Teen Girls

visit their website style='float:left;padding:5px' /> SoJung Lee, PhD, MS, Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC and colleagues recently showed that obese adolescent boys that increased physical activity alone, had improved several markers of health that included reduced total fat, visceral fat , liver fat and showed improvement in the heart and lungs. It is unclear whether regular exercise alone (without calorie restriction) is a useful strategy to reduce adiposity and obesity-related metabolic risk factors in obese girls. Dr. Lee and colleagues in a study examined the effects of aerobic http://investor.hawaiitelegraph.com/bnn.hawaiitelegraph/news/read/25347725/ exercise versus resistance exercise alone on visceral adipose tissue ( a type of fat tissue that surrounds internal organs in the abdominal cavity) intrahepatic lipid (within the liver) and insulin sensitivity in obese girls. For the study researchers recruited 44 obese girls (BMI >95th, 12-18 yrs) that were assigned at random to one of three groups; 60 minutes of aerobic exercise three days a week for three months, either running on a treadmill or using an elliptical trainer.
More: http://www.examiner.com/article/aerobic-exercise-may-be-the-answer-for-obesity-teen-girls

Exercise May Lower C-Reactive Protein

If a http://investor.atlanticcitynews.net/newsnet.atlanticcitynews/news/read/25347725 person exercised vigorously less than 500 MET (metabolic equivalents) per week, there was a 27% reduction in the odds of having elevated C-reactive protein levels (odds ratio [OR] 0.72, 95% CI 0.59-0.88, P=0.002) when compared with non-exercisers, said lead author Michael Richardson, BSH , a graduate assistant at Brooks College of Health at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. In his poster presentation at the annual meeting of the World Congress on Insulin Resistance , Richardson also noted that if a person did 500 METs or more per week, the risk reduction was 33% (OR 0.67, 95% CI 0.53-0.84, P=0.001). "Our findings suggest that a significant inverse dose-response relationship exists between self-reported volumes of vigorous intensity exercise and elevated C-reactive protein," he told MedPage Today. "These results also suggest this relationship is independent of visceral adiposity, a known mediator in the relationship between physical activity and C-reactive protein.
More: http://www.medpagetoday.com/MeetingCoverage/WCIR/42804

Exercise Found to Boost Memory in MS Patients

"These findings clearly warrant large-scale clinical trials of aerobic exercise for the treatment of memory deficits in the MS population," said James Sumowski, who helped lead the study. He said the findings are the first direct evidence for beneficial effects of aerobic exercise on brain and memory in individuals with MS, about half of whom experience memory problems. "Aerobic exercise may be the first effective treatment for MS patients with memory problems," added Victoria Leavitt. "Moreover, aerobic exercise has the advantages of being http://www.idahonewsupdates.com/6171-max-workouts-reviewed-published-indepth-review-of-max-workouts-program_inu.html readily available, low cost, self-administered, and lacking in side effects." 2013 NewsmaxHealth.
More: http://www.newsmaxhealth.com/Health-Wire/exercise-boost-memory-ms/2013/11/08/id/535696

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